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Welcome to Carmen L Janssen Fertility Law in Des Moines, IA

Working with a diverse clientele, The Law Office Of Carmen L. Janssen, gladly assists all families, married, single, gay or lesbian, to build families through assisted reproduction and adoption. In a comfortable and confidential setting, Carmen offers comprehensive consultations to explore options, discuss legal issues, and help you connect with agencies, egg and sperm donors, gestational carriers and surrogates, within Iowa or interstate.

Carmen assists people with infertility or health concerns to become parents through collaboration with a gestational carrier or surrogate to carry their child to term, and/or egg, sperm or embryo donors. Carmen will carefully draft contracts and obtain pre & post birth court orders of parentage and if necessary adoptions. She will also address Medical & General Power of Attorney and Simple Wills for gestational carriers, surrogates and intended parents.

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